Midwest Foundations

Thank you for visiting Midwest Foundations Company. We are a regional drilling contractor who performs work in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and beyond. Our specialties include: drilled shafts, drilled piers, slurry drilling, rock sockets, core drilling, casings, low clearance drilling, and vibratory hammer work. We are able to accommodate projects of all sizes whether they are drill only, drill and steel placement or complete turnkey projects. Please look inside to learn more about us.

About Us


  • “Midwest Foundations has been a key partner to the success of numerous substation and transmission projects. With a high emphasis on planning, they are able to execute a safe project on time. We can always count on Midwest Foundations to deliver.”

    Bryan Smith
    Wolf Construction, Inc.
  • “We consider Midwest Foundations a close partner when it comes to drilled piers in any method. They consistently deliver a safe, timely, professional and accurate service”

    Tommy Lewis
    Hayden Tower Service, Inc.
  • “We have had the opportunity to work with Midwest Foundations on several projects and even on the most difficult they have performed exceptionally well. Not only do they execute their work with great expertise, they go above and beyond to positively impact the entire project.”

    James Duke
    Lithko Contracting
  • “When someone, whether internally or externally comes to me asking who they should call for Deep Foundation Drilling, I always provide them with the contact information for Midwest Foundations. A large majority of the projects I have managed at UCI placed our work within and amongst operating units of petroleum refineries. Knowing that Midwest Foundations can meet most if not all safety requirements just to enter the refinery has always made life easy, but their willingness to adapt to the various owner’s and UCI’s policies and procedures, along their field crew’s efforts to ensure schedules are met puts them as my Go-To Guys every time.”

    Pat Miller